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  • 2016-05-31

    [Products News] Why use the entry mat
    To prevent dirt and pollutants from entering buildings, experts agree that an exterior analysis is needed first. The exterior environment of each building will vary, but in order to ensure the maximum protection of tenants and building interior, a good understanding of exterior conditions, sources of pollutants, and situations that cause pollutions is needed. At a minimum, this can be accomplished by conducting an exterior survey and recording findings. Examine weather conditions, roads, walkways, trees and shrubbery, and surfaces that may be inadequately drained. In addition, look at sources of pollution and damage that might result from pigeons, birds, fountains, decorative ponds, and trash. Use your finding as input into a master strategy to keep the enemy dirt out of your building.
  • 2016-05-31

    [Products News] Prevent messy floors at the door step!
    The Polyester&Cotton Mat absorbs mud like magic! Just step to need to wipe your feet. This super absorbent doormat traps dirt and water instantly, keeping floors clean and dry. It's non-slip latex backing won't slip or scuff floors. Low profile design so doors won't get stuck and is also machine washable. Miracle Mat's secret is millions of super absorbent fibers that absorb mud and water like magic. Just step to clean...No need to wipe your feet! Great for the front door, back door, garage door or wherever there is a door! Perfect for kids and pets. Patented design with millions of super absorbent fibers that remove mud and water from shoes instantly.
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